The Handbook

We're currently constructing the definitive handbook for garage motorcycle builders.

If you're yearning to build your own custom bike, we can help you get it finished, no matter what your current skill level and experience. 

All the processes and techniques needed can be learnt. I mean, doctors learn how to perform brain surgery, and we think this is easier than brain surgery.


The Garage Motorcycle Builder Handbook is written for aspiring DIY-motorcycle customizers.  

The book explains a four-part framework that steps through designing your dream bike, planning and preparing for the build, buying a donor bike, and building that bike.  

We assume no prior knowledge or technical expertise. The skills and techniques required can be learned and the handbook delves into these topics in detail. Further skills development is available via online courses built by the authors.  

An aspiring builder might lightly customize their first bike using this framework. Then, with more experience and confidence – and the required investment in tools and equipment - they might aim for more extensive modifications on their second bike. The handbook supports the developing builder as the framework remains the same, no matter how many bikes you’ve built.  

The Garage Motorcycle Builder Handbook is the reference manual for building a custom motorcycle. 

Things to do:

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Your authors:

Matt McLeod

I teach people how to build custom motorcycles by helping them build skills and confidence with my coaching, articles and training videos. 

I provide better technical information for custom motorcycle builders. And I shorten the learning curve getting you there.

You can read more about my journey here. 

Jordan Harris

I’m a Gemini and enjoy long walks on the beach……….. but I also happen to a) bloody love using my hands and building bikes b) I don’t mind writing and c) I get a kick out of helping others with knowledge and problems. 

These intersecting activities happen to create the perfect Venn diagram to help you improve your knowledge of bike building and I look forward to helping you in some way on your bike build.

Mike Miller

With an 899 Panigale and a resto-mod CL350 project bike in the stable, I love riding, wrenching on, and sharing ideas about anything with two wheels. 

All three pursuits share a commonality of continuous improvement—I'm fueled by every corner ridden, every bolt turned, and every story told. I hope to fuel your pursuits, too, by sharing my experiences from my first custom build.